This blog details current topics in public health. It is intended to be used by both health professionals and students aspiring to be in the field of public health so that they can inform themselves of current issues and discern them from the perspective of a passionate student.

I am c12311137_10208164414526262_371690283416708791_n.jpgurrently a Junior at North Dakota State University studying Biological Science. Upon graduation in May 2019 I intend to continue my education and pursue a Master’s degree in public health, specifically, infectious disease epidemiology.

My interest in public health began with a summer job at Cass County Vector Control where I have worked for three consecutive summers. Beyond the nuisance of mosquitoes in the heat of the summer, these numerous insects are the most successful vector of disease in the world, spreading deadly diseases such as Malaria, West Nile Virus, and Yellow Fever. Working in this public health setting gave me an insight to the necessity of public health professionals in society.